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Qingdao Tsingyi Bulk Packaging Technology LTD is a very professional Chinese manufacturer and exporter of various types of woven PP bag, bulk bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), plastic bags, and other compound packaging materials. We have many years experience in this line, and all our staff have been working in this business for many years. For your information, our yearly export volume is around 6,000mts woven PP bags and woven PP fabrics, about 5, 000mts of bulk bags and about 3000mts of plastic bags.

Our management team have been in the woven polypropylene industry for more than 20 years,and have rich theoretical and practical experience in  the production management,quality control, process engineering and bag contruction designs. In the meanwhile we have good monitor for the raw material market up and down movement,and that has had very active effect on production cost control.

Tsingyi Bulk Packaging is confident in the quality control. Sometimes when there is somewhere we need to improve,we always react very quickly in the first time,and resolve the issues on the base that we are responsible for the customers and standing behind the customers.


Because of the rich experience we have, we can serve our customers with very good and honest quality, competitive prices and high level services. Our products are exporting in large quantities to many places of the world, and all have been approved very satisfactory.

We pay much attention to our old customers, and remain very good relationship and friendship with them. We also would like to have more and more new customers to join us, and working together. If you are in need of what we produce, welcome you to contact us. We are sure that you just run into the right supplier and honest partner for your business. Your business is very important for us, so we will take very good care of it by doing what we should do well.


If you have any questions for our company or products, welcome you to contact us for further information and quotations, etc..


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